Stick to your non-Diet

8 Feb

It’s weird that I have to recommit to my FITness every single day.  I am not on a diet.  I am not trying something out for a month with the intention of going back to pizzas and french fries next month.  I know that for me to feel and look good, I need to live a healthy and somewhat restrictive lifestyle. Some people will never have to worry about their weight, their bodies or their FITness.  There are most definitely women who eat burgers, chips and candy all time, never work out and also never get FAT.  Let’s call these women, lucky ass bitches.  It would have been sweet if the universe delivered me those same genetics, but nope.  I have to work at this, forever.  And I’m becoming more and more okay with that idea as time passes.

This morning, while I was making myself a spinach and egg-white omelette, it dawned on me, I had no desire to anything else.  I can’t believe it! I don’t want to get pizza for lunch today.  I’m beyond stoked to eat my garlic baked  salmon with avocado.  Last night, I went to  dinner with my friend Ashleigh and her husband, at a cute new Italian restaurant.  There was some incredible fresh-baked bread on the table with some garlic-y tomato sauce to dip it in.  I ate three bites of bread. Yep three bites.  And I actually did want a little more, but I knew that if I had anymore, I’d just feel too full and regret going out to eat. I’m sticking to a healthy lifestyle! Fo Life y’all!

For dinner, I ordered the scallop appetizer and a house salad- oh and I also had a glass of Walker Pinot Noir…duh!  It’s an Italian restaurant, if I have to give up the bread, pasta & dessert you better believe I’m having a glass of wine.  The scallops were totally incredible.  If I could afford to, I’d eat these once a week.  They were seared to perfection and covered in a saffron cream sauce that’s so good you’d swear it prepared by angels and like Ryan Gosling or something.  Seriously, go to Il Positino in North Park and get the scallop appetizer! Glorious!

Here’s dinner ( sorry the pics are so dark, the restaurant was all dark and cute inside!)

 Baby greens with shredded carrots & tomatoes, all dressed very, VERY lightly in a balsamic dressing.

 The glory shot, 3 perfect scallops!


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