Nobody Likes Change…

9 Feb

We are all looking to improve our FITness. I think most people have something they’re looking to improve on, and that can mean a lot of different things.   For example, you might want to lose weight, try to eat more vegetables and less Doritos, get a six-pack, run a marathon, or maybe you’re just a dude looking to get some hott looking biceps for the beach this summer. I think most people, unless you’re physique looks perfect and your exactly where you want to be  nutritionally, want to make some type of FIT change. What ever your goal is, it’s going to take work.

I think as a society we overlook the fact that eating healthy and working out isn’t necessarily whats so hard about losing weight or getting buff.  It’s implementing the lifestyle change that takes some getting used to.   Now that I’ve been eating healthy for months, it feels totally easy, natural even!  The first few months of my journey were seriously awful! I believe I actually even wrote that I’d punch someone in the face for a cookie a few months back….. I felt restricted, trapped and bored with my new lifestyle.   I mean, even the phrase lifestyle change sounds awfully daunting doesn’t it?  Change your WHOLE lifestyle…..holy shit that sounds annoying and probably uncomfortable. If we could only find a way to make those first few shitty months easy!  Then we’d all look super hott and be super healthy! Sadly, I don’t think there’s anything but good old-fashioned commitment that will help us reach our goals.  However, below are some of the things I did so that made adjusting to the huge changes I made a little easier.

~ Focus on breakfast- Plan what you’re going to eat for breakfast the night before so that if you’re running late for work or class, you WON’T have to stop and grab a muffin or a bagel.  I like to keep egg whites on hand at all times.  They cook up in less than a minute and will keep me full for a long  time! If eggs aren’t your thing, have cottage cheese, oatmeal or plain yogurt in the fridge. Starting the day off  FIT helped to keep me eating  healthy all day long.

~ Get a work-out buddy– I know you’ve probably all heard this one a million times but I believe it’s the number one way to motivate a lazy ass!  Work out buddies are good for two things, 1. making sure you’ll actually get to the gym or the running trail  to work out. Before working out is a habit, you totally need someone else to make you feel guilty for ditching!. 2. Friendly competition.  I have a friend, Anastasia, who is an incredible runner- like a crazy fast runner.  I’ll run on the treadmill next to her and push myself SO hard trying to keep up with her pace. It kicks my ass and makes me run harder than anything!

 ~ Do new active things in your free time –If  you’re trying to get FIT don’t feel like going to the gym 3-4 times a week is going to happen, start out by just moving  your body in new ways! Doing a new activity is an awesome way to burn calories, and expand  your social life! If other people get to enjoy these activities…why shouldn’t you!?  DON”T  look at these as a work out, but as  fun new activities  to get you out of your regular Sunday routine! Go to the park and play on the monkey bars with your nephews, go paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, surfing, cross-country skiing, golfing, play tennis,  trampolining or take a hip-hop class. Just get moving!

~ The Two Bite Rule– If you love food, cutting back on your portions and cutting out ‘unhealthy’ food is NOT going to easy right away.  So don’t do it! Really, in the beginning, you shouldn’t completely cut out everything you love.  Just cut back.  If you’re out to dinner and someone orders an appetizer for the table, have two bites of whatever it is.  Your mom made an apple pie that is filling the whole house with an amazing smell?  Don’t feast on a manly beast of a slice but take two bites and pat yourself on the back for being a FIT ass bitch!  If you can’t partake in normal social eating scenarios, you’ll get over being FIT really quick.  So just have some self-control and take a taste!



One Response to “Nobody Likes Change…”

  1. k9sherri February 9, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    Great advice as usual. 😉

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