A FIT Week Ahead

13 Feb

I had a massively FIT day on Saturday, that included a run and lots of healthy eating!  Sunday that was amazingly fun but very carb-filled – I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and think I rode like 15 roller coasters! It was so much fun….is there anything more fun than rollercoasters in the entire world?  I don’t think so.  I literally wish I could ride one every morning to start the day.

Here are some FIT highlights from my weekend:


Right after work on Friday I headed to a fitness class. It was a stripper pole fitness class @ Fun Pole Fitness in North Park.  It was the second time I’ve ever taken one of these classes and it was an absolute blast! Its fun to wear the huge 6 inch heels and practice your skills on the pole!  Oh and just incase you’re wondering- there is NO stripping, nudity or anything obscene in this class!  Though we’re all on the pole- it’s all about the work out and it’s tons of fun!  My arms were so sore from all the spins we practiced I could barely lift them afterwards!

I got home around 7:30pm and was exhausted!  I was low on food in the house so whipped up an omelette from basically the only three ingredients I had  in the fridge!  Egg whites, onion & Black pepper covered Toscano cheese!  It was hearty and light at the same time! MMMMM!


I woke up and went on a run/walk with my friend Ursula through Balboa Park.  We were out for about and hour and a half and ran up some pretty decent hills! Ursula is another great person to run with because really, she never stops!  Its great motivation!  When we finished working out we headed to Trader Joes where I got some food for my sad, empty fridge!

Here is my glorious grocery order!

  This is pretty much a typical grocery load for me.  I usually buy cage-free egg whites instead of the regular ready to use eggs, but they were all sold out this weekend!  Also, the falafel chips are a new thing- they’re made with chick-pea flower and seemed like a cool way for me to still a little bit of a carby crunch without the regular high carb crackers! They have a good amount of protein too!

My protein for cooking this week:

Wild Alaskan Salmon (frozen)


Chicken-less chicken strips

mozzarella Cheese

Greek yogurt (not pictured -I already had this)

Tofu (not pictured- I already had  this)



Lunch/Dinner on Saturday:  sautéed chicken-less strips with Paprika roasted Zucchini and a side of tahini sauce.




Friday: consumed 1181, burned 260 in POLE class

Saturday: consumed  979, burned about 400 on my RUN/WALK with Ursula

Sunday: consumed 1160, burned 500 @ Six flags, walking around all day!





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