Eating is Legit

17 Feb

Well I literally just ate 1000 calories at a work potluck.  Awesome. Holy Shit. Pizza, lentil dishes, Injera (Ethiopian flat bread), Mac & Cheese, 1/2 a cupcake, 2 diet cokes and other random ethnic side dishes…..

You know what this means?  This mean starting now and going strong for the next week I’m going into the epic eating zone.  I’m talking salmon, spinach, eggs, plain yogurt, nuts,berries, tofu and other ‘clean’ foods.  I’m already being low-carb and sugar free (except for today….it was a nasty carb frenzy and I split a cup-cake with me diet buddy Grace) but now it’s time to step my game up yet again! I recently read several articles in health & fitness magazines that said if you eat low-carb, you can and SHOULD eat one huge and carby meal a week.  Something about how it revs up your metabolism and your body burns all the carbs right away since it’s not used to having them.  So I think I should be safe! lol!


In the past, Ive talked about two points relevant to this post:

1. You have to be able to slip up and eat ‘badly’ once in a while.  I don’t mean once a day or anything crazy like that- but maybe once a week or once every other week, you can have a meal that is NOT FIT.  You have to give yourself a break- even if only for social reasons.  It would have sucked if I didn’t enjoy this pot luck with my co-workers today so I’m glad I did.  I’ll just be really really good for the week ahead!

2. You have to step your game up all the time!  Your body gets used to the way you work out and to the way you eat! I’ve been ‘low carbin’ for a few weeks now and am finding it easy…maybe because I’m not very strict with myself.  Sooo… time to step my food game up!  I feel like I have stepped up my running and work outs.  I’m wayyyyy more FIT than I was when I started this process! I also eat healthier but I know I could be doing better in the food department.

I’m going to eat so healthy people will swear I have some kind of crazy celebrity chef.  Yup. It’s time to get crazy.  I want to feel as healthy as possible and fuel my body with foods that are perfect for running, lifting and ass beating!  I sometimes wish I was more neurotic than I am.  Don’t get me wrong- I’m totally weird and neurotic when it comes to plenty of things.  But when it comes to food, I’ve never been able been able  to unhealthily restrictive.  I never will be either.  I have to work very hard to keep my calories low.  When I have a day when I fell really hungry- I eat more food.  I think this is good, because I’ll never get psychotic and I’ll never be a twig.  But it does mean I have to pay attention to what I eat and very carefully monitor my calories.  Do you have any idea how little food it takes to reach 1200 calories!??  honestly it’s insane, BUT I’m focused on my goal and am going to put in work!

I’ll be keeping these points in mind this week:

1. Sugar is an evil nightmare and has NO benefit for human beings whatsoever (today was my first bite in 6 weeks and I won’t have another until mid-march!).

2. Salmon is beyond healthy for you

3. CHUG water

Happy eating!





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