Presidents Day Weekend in Pics

21 Feb

I had a packed, long weekend.  Here are some pictures of just a few of the things I did and the food I ate!


My long weekend started out the right way. My friend Ashleigh and I, met up @ 6:30am for a walk/jog in North Park.  Both of us had packed days and this was the only time we could fit a workout in!  It was a fun way to spend time together and to burn a few cals!

After my work out I headed to a salon to do my friend Kacie’s make-up for her wedding!  Exciting stuff! 

On my way home to get myself ready for the wedding I picked up a b-fast burrito from Newbreak cafe in OB. I ate the insides and avoided the  tortilla!   I knew that I didn’t have any food at home and would need some energy pre- wedding!

Kacie and Mikes wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Ursula(below) and I had a blast!


My roommate Ashley and I did a quick high intensity work-out in Ocean beach on Sunday morning.  Our workout consisted of stair running, planks, squats (lots of freakin squats), and push-ups! Here’s my work-out attire!

Made a Trader Joes run on Sunday too and I bought:


Went to a BBQ at Ashleigh’s with these bitches


Made sesame lime salmon!



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