You Can Do it, Put Your Back Into it

22 Feb

You know what’s awesome?  Having like the most amazing friends in the world. Seriously.  I can’t even begin to describe how beyond amazing all my friends are.  My family moved out of state this past year and I leaned on my girlfriends like never before- they are truly my family.  Well enough of that mushy bullshit…. One thing I’m loving about my friends at this particular moment, is that they are ALL on the FIT bitch path.  I mean it.  When I think of every woman who’s close to me, every single one of them is working on becoming the fittest they can be.  Some of them are trying to lose weight, others are trying to build more muscle, get a six pack or maybe even just become better runners.  No matter what their goals are, I can always count on my friends to be supporters, cheerleaders and FIT activity partners.

Last night while at CHUZE Fitness, my gym in Mission Valley, I was working out with Grace and we bumped into three of our other friends.  It really makes going to the gym fun when I get to see all my friends working on their FITness too! Pushing  yourself seems easier when you see  your friends starting to look super buff!  Everyone is getting hotter and hotter just in time for summer! How motivational! Needless to say, my workouts are SUPER tough and I can feel different parts of my body hurting each day!

Today my ass hurts.  This makes me incredbly happy. If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m trying to get a great ass.  I think I’m on my way there! Woo!  Really my ass kills today!  YEAH! I guess that’s what you get from side, front and back lunges followed by close to 100 back leg lifts!  I put my back into that shit!

After a ballin’ 2 hour workout last night, Grace and I and went to Pei Wei for a spontaneous dinner out.  We were both famished and decided that we could carb it up a little bit!  Grace ordered a spicy chicken dish with brown rice and I got shrimp Pad Thai.  We both ate half of our food and took the rest home.  Here we are enjoying our post-work out dinner all sweaty and still in gym clothes below!

Tonight I’m hauling my sore ass to the gym for another epic sweat sesh.  I love pushing  myself and feeling completely wiped out and drenched in sweat when I’m done….It’s so nice to be physically exhasuted.  It’s crazy that a year ago- I never felt that way…which is funny because although I was completely inactive was still alwasys tired… Well good riddance old non-active body!  And Hellooooo FITness!

This morning I had my favorite breakfast! Plain greek yogurt with frozen mixed berries and slivered almonds!  full of protein and ever important pro-biotics!

Have a great day FIT bitches!  Go and have an EPIC workout tonight! 


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