This One’s For the Grown and Sexy

27 Feb

Today this blogger is not concerned with health. 

I’m not going to talk about trans fats, cardiovascular FITness, self-esteem, vegetables or endorphins. 

This week I’m concerned about hottness. 

 Let’s just put it out there, summer’s on the way and us bitches wanna look sexy.

 I feel like it’s high time I had a superficial week. 

I you can’t handle a little superficial in your life….Umm well then you probably don’t care about bringing sexy back do you? 

 I do. So my motivation for tonight in the gym is bikinis, dasiy dukes, Victorias Secret,  wedges with a short skirt and a tanned, toned bod.

This ‘journey’ I’m on has been fueled by numerous motivating factors.  What encourages me to eat well, work hard and stay focused changes more often than you’d think.  Sometimes I want to be able to wear a certain outfit, run faster than someone, feel happier, give my body better nutrition, destroy free radicals, be stronger, lose weight quickly, keep my weight loss permanent or on days like today it’s about being as hott as I can be.  I like it. I think it’s good to push yourself to be your best at work, in school, in your relationships and when it comes to the way you look.

I don’t really take the superficial approach too much on this blog.  This is because if that was my only reason for getting FIT – I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it. I needed to really change my lifestyle for all the right reasons. And truthfully, the biggest thing I’ve gained since all the weight loss is a better attitude my mental health is in an entirely different place.  Wait….I don’t want to talk about this serious bull shit!  I want to talk about gettin’ hott!   After almost six months of focusing on weight and health,  I’m beginning to enjoy the fruits of my labor and it’s cool to have a new motivation.

Here are some photos to stare at then high tail it to the gym!


Speaking of Sexiness, I’m trying to dress a little hotter- gotta woman up~ it is part of my NY resolution after all!…. though this is a tough task considering almost none of my old clothes fit and I’m still not buying new cothes…wah! Heres my outfit for today, sorry the face covering flash- I took this as I was running out the door for work and didn’t have time to take more:



One Response to “This One’s For the Grown and Sexy”

  1. k9sherri February 27, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    Freak’n sexy Madame

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