42 Days Until Whatttt?!!?

15 Mar

Ummm…until I’ll be here.

With her.

Vacationing like a Boss.

Sweet god it’s crunch time!  I’m gonna be in nothing but  bikinis, shorts and little dresses! It’s times like these that I’m glad I started being a FIT bitch months ago!  If I hadn’t started back then, I’d be so worried about going on this trip- I wouldn’t even be excited.  Wondering how I’d look and feel would be a huge stress for me.  Thank goodness for willpower and commitment!

Time to seriously start with the protein shake thing!  Usually I’m all about real food. You know.. Veggies, eggs, fish, nuts, cheese…. but right now I need to get a bit tougher and make sure I can monitor my CAL intake a bite closer.  So I’ll be trying to have a protein shake for 1 meal a day whenever possible until Maui!  Gotta look smokin’ for my vacation!  I figure that 42 days or 1026 hours is enough time for a final hott body FIT push right??? Work out overload time!

Lunch today: A chocolate Muscle milk, 230 CALS


Outfit today: My new favorite purple dress and a black blazer ( I find wearing tight or really dressy clothes to work helps keep me  mindful of what I’m eating!) Gotta keep my body on my mind!


2 Responses to “42 Days Until Whatttt?!!?”

  1. Ashleigh March 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Yahhh!!! I drink one from Costco
    Sometimes and it’s only 160 calories!! They keep you sooo full!!!!

  2. Nastia March 29, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    So I’ve been off Facebook for a while and today I thought to catch up on you blog! OMG we are now in high 20s till Hawaii!!! The protein shake after a workout is the SH#T! Seriously. Make sure to drink a couple glasses of H2O as well to avoid headache. Honestly it’s the best thing after another best thing – running.

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