Make ‘Em Sweat

15 Mar

Dude. I had my first hot yoga experience last night.  It was hot. I mean like super, insanely, really unbelievably hot. Like so hot I think I blacked out for half of the class.

I’ve actually never taken a yoga class before. So I went to CorePower  a signed up for a free trial week last night. I even went and bought myself a pretty new pink yoga mat (a thick ECO friendly one!!)  I’ve done yoga moves before and some yogi friends have taught be the basic moves so I felt pretty confident in my physical ability to do well in the class.  It was the 103 degree temperature that I was worried about. I was advised to bring two towels. One small towel to keep next my mat to wipe the sweat off my face and one full-sized bath towel to place over my yoga mat. Yes. You actually need to cover your yoga mat with a towel to sop up the mass quantities of sweat that will be pouring off of you.  

So why be so dang hot while you do yoga?  I asked the same question. What’s the freakin point? Well, there are a few reasons, the first is that the warmth really helps you stretch your muscles and loosen up.  Apparently, the heat allows you to stretch a lot farther than normal and prevents injury, I will agree to this as I felt more limber than a baby sloth.  Next, the heat makes you pour sweat which is a great detox. Finally, the temperature really challenges you mentally.  Our instructor kept referencing how being challenged in yoga mirrors the challenges we face in life. When we get to tough or uncomfortable times in life we just have to breath and push through them the best way we can. 

The heat really changed the whole experience for me.  I can’t really say that I liked it….but in a way I did-  it challenged me and I am definitely doing it again. I’ve never had to focus so hard mentally before. It took a lot of breathing and relaxing to stay in the positions and to really stay calm and zen like.  At one point, about half way through the class I thought I was going to pass out (which is common for first timers), so I got up and walked outside of the studio for about two minutes to cool down a bit. But I knew I  wanted to finish the class.  I’m so glad I did.  I felt so relaxed and at peace after the class but also immensely energized.  Once I’d had a few minutes to cool down outside the studio, I felt really fresh and as if I could run a mile with ease. 

Now about the sweat. This was literally hilarious.  I actually sweat more than I ever have in my life. Every single persons hair was entirely drenched.  The towel that was covering my yoga mat? Soaked.  At one point while I was in a plank pose, sweat was dripping from my chin, my nose, and my chest onto the floor beneath me. Oh yeah it was also pouring into my eyes. I’m for sure wearing a sweat band next time.

Oh yeah and this class, while it helps me grow mentally and teaches me how to look inward, it ALSO burns at least 400 calories. Bring on the heat baby!

I tried to take a picture of how sweaty I really was but since I was wearing dark colors, it was hard to capture.  Basically my entire top and pants are wet except for the little are on my lower stomach.




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