A Spring Celebration

21 Mar

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  My roommate Ashley set up a festive Spring feast for a small group.  Being that Ash is Paleo and I’m a combination of pescartarian, primal-ish….our potluck feast was very healthy. Since spring is all about growth and rebirth, we  wore flowers in our hair, ate super fresh dishes and made personal goals for the coming season. The night was such a success, our little group decided that we’ll be brining in all the seasons this way from now on!

My contribution to dinner was steamed asparagus & zucchini drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette,  then topped with basil and tiny cubes of avocado.

Grace brought a salad of spring greens, strawberries, blue cheese and balsamic dressing!

Anastasia brought some fresh homemade mahi mahi tacos topped with chopped veggies & beans!

Ashley’s epic deviled eggs!

If you look on the top of my plate you’ll notice a very large portion of roasted veggies (zucchini, brussel sprouts, butternut squash & onion). Ashley made these and everyone was absolutely obsessed wth them! They were cooked with herbs de Provence! Delicious!

I picked this little sprig of Jasmine on an after dinner walk. It literally smells better than the bottle its’ sitting next to. So Spring-y!

I had to adorn my favorite framed photo in the bathroom with some flowers.  It was a Spring celebration and flowers were our theme!



I’m so excited for what the season has to offer.  I’m sure it will include lots of FITness growth, and even more gettin’ beach hott! If you haven’t started yet – Spring is here, it’s in full swing! Iit’s time to get our asses in shape!  Let FIT bitch extreme~ness begin!


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