How Priority Became Love

26 Mar

I have made working out a major priority in my life.  I think that my after work hours  are better spent in the gym than at happy hour or taco Tuesday.  This started as a monumental, super annoying and seemingly impossible task. Getting my tired ass into the gym or onto a running trail afterwork- what the hell? telling myself that “NO, you can’t toss your body on the couch and debrief while enjoying a lovely salty snack.” You have to go to the gym RIGHT after work and sweat the day out of your system.    I use to hate this so much but I knew I should do it so I’d just force my body through the gym doors, bad attitude and all. These days….don’t hate me for this ….. but…. I LOVE THIS!  As I’m sitting my office typing this blog on my lunch break….I’m anxiously waiting for 5:00pm so I can head to the gym.  My workouts have gotten longer, tougher and sweatier.  And I look forward to them more than ever before. 

I worked out yesterday afternoon and it was incredible.  I’m not going to say that certain thing aren’t difficult while you’re doing them (like holding  plank for 60 seconds four times in a row)…..but as soon as you’re done, the sense of strength and accomplishment far surpasses any physical discomfort or exersion you might have felt.  It’s so exciting to progress and to actually love moving your body.  I have been waiting to get to this place.  The place where I’m not only dedicated to the gym…..but I love it.  That’s right peeps I LOVE THE GYM. Me- Jamie! I know that this place took a long time to get to. I haven’t truly felt this way since I was 18 years old.  Now that I’m here I can’t imagine leaving. 

I REFUSE to go back to feeling like I’d rather die than go to the gym.  I REFUSE to think that going to the gym on a Sunday wastes a day off.  Working out enhances a day.  It’s going to make me happy and calm yet energized at that same time.   Would I prefer to go and get a drink than go to the gym afterwork….No.  Let me explain why…. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and socializing.  But I love doing those things MORE when I love myself.  If I’m FIT, confident, energetic and lookin’ fly, I’ll enjoy that happy hour nine thousand times more. This means I’ll do LESS activities during the week but I’ll enjoy the activities I actually go to much more. I am Miss Gym from now on.  And completely stoked about it.

People say that motivation gets you started and habits keeps you going.  I hope that this love I feel is part of a habit.  I’m sprung on you FITness. No commitment issues here.  I’m locked down. For life. I can’t wait to get on the treadmill tonight!

Here is lunch today!:

Good ol carrots n dip!

 Greek Yogurt with fresh berries!



One Response to “How Priority Became Love”

  1. Laur March 26, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Jamie you are totally awesome and inspiring!

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