Wait…the Month is Almost Over?

27 Mar

Is this a joke?  Honestly, how fast can time pass?  This can’t be real…..I though it just became March yesterday! I have always been told that the older I get the faster time would go- and boy is that true!  It almost feels like I’m falling down a tunnel and everything is racing by me!  Is everything going at light speed because I’m so busy or is it because I’m getting closer to the end of this bastard?  And by this bastard I mean my life of course.  Well whatever the reason, all I know is  I need to look hott while I’ve still got time!  

I had a great work out last night!!! Check out myfitnesspal diary for the details!


My post work-out sweat- the new sayings go…”If  you still look hott after a work-out, you didn’t work hard enough!” or “Sweat like a pig to look like a fox!”  Mission accomplished!


Oh speaking of the gym.. have you seen the most amazing gym bag that’s ever been created?….check it out! My gold sequined gym bag is one of my favorite things I own…and sadly I think it may be coming close to its end.  The handles are bound to fall apart pretty soon, they’re hanging on by a string 😦  It will be a sad sad day when this little bad boy is retired. Not only is the the cutest gym bag I’ve ever seen but it’s the perfect size and has survived abour 5 years of serious wear and tear. I’ll treasure these last few months!


Tonight I’m going ot CHUZE fitness with Grace and actually plan on taking it a little easy.  I’m not gonna be some lazy sloth or anything like that but I might skip the sprinting or stairclimbing. I feel like my leg muscles have been taking a serious ass kicking these past couple days and I want to be a little friendlier to em tonight! I think I’ll do some low resistance elliptical followed by a light run- then I’ll work on core and arms! Yesssss!!!!   Only two and a half more hours of work, then endorphin releasing sweat sesh…here I come!

One Response to “Wait…the Month is Almost Over?”

  1. Ashleigh March 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Omg I feel the same way about time flying!!!!!! Is it a sick joke?? I need to make the most of every minute!!! Where did u get your gym bag!? I need it!!!!!!!!! Glitter!!!!

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