California Face with a Down South Rump

29 Mar

Ahhhh Happy FRIDAY!  Well I know it’s not really friday for YOU but I have tomorrow off so its my Friday!!  ANDDDDDD….My parents are moving home! Yep that’s right! After a few months on the East coast my Mom and Dad decided that SoCal is where they want to be! I couldn’t be happier! I get my family back! My dad got an awesome job offer back here in Cali and for the past week they’ve been driving across county!  They’ll be home tomorrow! Our family has always denied that SoCal had become home….Until now…I guess my babies and my parents’ grandchildren will be little beach bums after all!   LOVE. IT. Ain’t no party like a West Coast party. WOOOOO!

Anyway, back to the title of my blog. So if you don’t know what song this lyric comes from then you can’t truly appreciate how awesome this Baby Bash/ E-40 collabo is. It’s hilarious that a hyphy rap lyric  is an excellent and healthy motivator for me ~ like really…I think of this lyric when I’m doing squats. 

Thanks for the motivation E

 I feel like I have the California face thing all taken care of – I’ve been all California-ed out for years now…I’m good with make-up and I’m rockin’ white teeth. I DO need some work on the ‘Down South Rump’ part though.  And I’m trying. I’m really trying. How exactly am I trying to build myself a down south booty?? Like this:

Lunges. Front lunges, side lunges and back lunges.

Squats. Deep squats, weighted squats and wall sits. I’m squating right now while I type if you really wanna know the truth.

Stair running. And using the stair climber @ the gym.


Leg lifts.

I’m hoping to have a great booty by summer. Let’s see if this experiment works! Recently, I heard the always wise CoCo (as in Ice-T’s wife- yeah that CoCo…) explaining that any woman can build a butt.  CoCo has an ASS! Like a big round envy worthy booty. Granted her ass might be alot  larger than I’m aiming for but she claims that she crafted that bad boy from scratch in the gym- and swears any girl can do it.  Let’s see CoCo…I’m putting your theory to the test bitch. 


 How do you FIT bitches get your ass right for bikini time?

One Response to “California Face with a Down South Rump”

  1. Grace April 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    hahaha i hadn’t seen this blog yet. I love it!

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