FIT First World Problems

3 Apr

If you don’t know what First World Problems are, you’re humorous life is severely lacking. First World Problems are ridiculous and trivial  issues Westerners have to complain about. There’s a twitter and a website devoted to listing these problems online. An example of a first world problem is…”My hand is too fat to fit in  the Pringles can so I have to tip it over to ge the chips out”  – haha amazing!

This morning as my alarm clock was going off at 5:15am, I felt FAR too cozy to get up and go on a run.  I was so upset that I was being disturbed and so conflicted about whether or not I should get up.  And then I realized it….I was living my own first world problem.  So I’ve decided to record all of the FIT related first world problems I have come across on my FIT bitch journey! Enjoy fellow North Americans, enjoy.


My bed is really cozy in the mornings and it’s hard for me to get up for a 5:00am run.

I can’t find a sports bra in the right shade to match my purple Nikes.

While my gym has free Zumba and Yoga classes, it doesn’t have a sauna.

My water gets warm too quickly when I take hot yoga, I want to drink cold water when I’m sweating that much!

Sometimes I crave cupcakes.

I am limited to eating 1200 calories a day.

Sometimes when I go to the gym with a friend there aren’t two treadmills next to each other.

Occasionally when I feel like taking a jog on the beach, it’s raining.

I have to wear 2 sports bras to get the right amount of support.

If I’m having a really good hair day it will be ruined when I go to the gym.

I shouldn’t eat nachos very often. Or Burritos.

I ran super hard on Saturday and my thighs are still sore.

I can’t afford a luxury yoga membership @ Core Power.

I don’t like how red my face gets when I work out really hard.

Pizza dipped in ranch isn’t low carb.

Sometimes I can smell people’s BO at the gym.

Watching reality TV isn’t considered at workout.

I don’t have a personal trainer to come to my house and wake me up in the morning.

Sometimes my running shorts ride up when I’m jogging and it’s annoying to pull them down.

Having to skip  a song on Pandora really interrupts my stride on the treadmill.

I want to do some Spring shopping but I’m in between sizes right now.

Organic strawberries can be a little pricey.

Instead of constantly focusing on my physique, I have to work 8 hours a day.

So far, despite my weight loss success, no corporate sponsors have given me free shit or any endorsement deals.

While Diet Coke is calorie free, it’s still not considered a ‘health food’.

My boobs got smaller.

I have a lot more laundry to do in light of all the sweaty gym clothes.

I don’t get to have sushi as often as I’d like to.


I think it’s safe to say that according to this list my life in the FIT world is a very very challenging one and you should all pity me. Yep. Lol.  PLEASE send me your own FIT first world problems in the form of a comment.

Here is a picture of Ashleigh and I suffering and looking quite miserable due to having to drink room temperature water during hot yoga last night (during which we burned 400 calories!!!)

Luckily, my lunch today solved one of my FWP – as I got to have sushi!  A spicy tuna roll with avocado and plenty of wasabi! 













6 Responses to “FIT First World Problems”

  1. Vanessa Pridmore April 3, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    Hahaha I totally do the “but I don’t want to mess up my great hair day!” one all the time…

  2. Rachel Benjamin April 3, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    I can’t work out because who will watch my daughter!? Total BS. haha. I’m currently figuring it out. lol

  3. Ashleigh April 3, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    First world fitness problems:

    If I actually found a sports bra tight enough to support me while I run i would probably break a rib.

    You can’t log sexual activity no matter how much work you put in.

    I think it’s unfair that alcohol has calories. I mean.. Seriously how do you even remember how to put it in accurately.

    It’s frustrating when the escalator is broken outside the gym in pt loma…lol

  4. Grace April 3, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    It’s unfair that only obese people can sign up for biggest loser.

    My earphones keep falling off when I’m running.

    The captions on the tv at the gym aren’t big enough for me to read from the stair master.

    I just got really into my workout and now I have to pee.

    Someone’s on the ab machine I want to use so now I have to do regular sit ups like a barbarian.

  5. Krystle April 5, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    No one will work out with me.

    I just moved so I am not comfortable with this gym like I am with my gym – I can’t find a room to hide in and lift weights.

    I’m going to have to wash my hair after my workout.

    I just want to workout at the beach, but 12 miles is too far for me to drive.

    I can’t start working out today because I am too tired.

    *Wow this is kind of therapudic.

  6. Kacie Forrest April 6, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    My new shoes don’t have as good arch support as my last ones.

    I actually have to hang-dry my Lululemon if I want it to last longer.

    That girl has been on the elliptical way longer than her turn.

    The dumbells feel greasy and I’m not sure if I really want to touch them.

    I don’t have enough rhythm for a step-class.

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