Keep Moving- YOLO

10 Apr

The only way to keep losing is to keep moving! Even when you’re tired or bored or feelin’ lazy. Sunday morning, I was extremely tired and thought that instead of getting my sweat on, I’d just carry my booty to the beach and lay out all day.   But then I realized that would be an idiotic move that I’d likely regret the rest of the day. I knew if I just got my body moving before I did anything else- I’d be into my workout and proud that I didn’t flake! So I did it!

I went to Cowels mountain and hiked to the top!  Man am I glad that I did! What a great workout! 1.5 miles and 1500 feet up! It took me about and hour to reach the top, but what a worthy hour!  You reach San Diegos highest point and have a 360 degree view of the city! You can see Mexico, downtown and even San Bernardino. Honestly when you’re almost at the top it does start to seem like its taking a REALLY long time to get there.  I wouldn’t say that its extremely physically challanging, it just felt a little daunting to look up the side of a mountain and see how far I still had to climb! Reaching the top was epic though and I can’t wait to do it again! Doing something new is an awesome way to be a FIT bitch without getting stuck in a gym rutt!

I fell on the way down  the mountain.  I was trying ot be cool and climb down rocks instead of using the switchbacks.  I only fell about three feet but I cut my palms, scraped my elbow and bruised my butt! But I DGAF’ed and kept going!

I’m guessing that if you haul ass  you can burn anywhere between300-500 calories doing this…it’s an hour and a half of cardio.  I logged it in my food journal myfitnesspal as 350 cals. 

Well I’m headed to the gym in an hour and ahalf and feel TOTALLY energized!  I can’t wait to kick the shit outta the treadmilll! WOO!

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