Location, Location, Location

19 Apr

I had the BEST run I’ve ever had on Monday.  I credit my new found, carefully crafted cardiovascular health- but even more than that, I credit my city!  I live in one of the best places to run.  If I can’t be  inspried to run  by my local scenery- then my dreams of becoming a runner would never come true.  I have gnarly hills, flat trails, cliffs, sand, a quarter-mile pier and most of all- everywhere I go I have a view of the glorious pacific ocean. San Diego is a beautiful place to get outside and enjoy the scenery

The second best thing, and much less beautiful fact about running in Ocean Beach is that- if you go to main streets there are a lot of tourists, surfers,  teenagers and homeless people. Why is this a good thing? Well it makes me runner a lot faster than normal!  Most of the spots I  run are full of other runners or local residents out walking there dogs.  Butttt….if I venture to Newport Ave, the main strip…my run becomes incredible.  My speed increases immensely as I have to run faster to get around people, avoid smelling groups of homeless men and because I want to look like a super FIT fast runner. I discovered this fact about myself on Monday.  While I love running all alone on the peaceful Sunset Cliffs, I will push myself harder on the main boulevard when there are lots of people around. 

I heart Ocean Beach!

The longest concrete pier on the West Coast- and a great spot to run!

This is at the top of Del Mar Ave right before sunset

At least if someone's going to tag up my city...they do it with positive messages 🙂


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