Work-it on The Weekend

23 Apr

I kept movin’ all weekend long- look!


Friday           – An epic gym workout

The sweat on my stomach looks like butterfly- wich is why I snuck taking this photo is a crowded locker room... but it didn't capture too well on my iPhone

Saturday     – A casual Ocean Beach stroll and relaxing at home

Saturday was also a great day to do manicures with Grace!

Sunday        – A 2 mile  mission bay run with Ursula

                          – An ass kickin’ gym visit

                          – A peaceful afternoon walk by the gloomy & grey ocean

I love seeing people on their vacations in my city! Makes even more grateful to live where I do!

Mission Bay was beautiful and peaceful despite the cloudy sky

A sunny post run snack


Later in the afternoon I headed out to the cliffs to check out the stormy water!

Ahhhh a banana blueberry paleo muffin, made by my roomie Ashley! Great Sunday night snack!


One Response to “Work-it on The Weekend”

  1. Laur April 24, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    You’re looking fantastic Jamie!

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