Aloha FIT Bitch

3 May

I came back to work yesterday, after 5 glorious days in Maui.  I had the perfect vacation and enjoyed every second of every day!  I took a gazillion photos and will keep all these amazing memories forever!  In between all the swimming, drinking, relaxing and beach chillin’, I was sure to remember my FITness.  I totally let my self indulge and DID not stick to my regular eating routine.  Wouldn’t I have been the biggest brain dead bitch in the world if I went to Maui and stuck to my normal diet?  Yes, I would have been.  So I didn’t really worry so much about what I put in my mouth and knew that as soon as I got back to San Diego I’d be back on my grind!

Our hotel room had a full kitchen so Anastasia and I could cook alot of our food at home.  Cooking in the room meant less $$$ spent and eating with a gorgeous mountain view from our balcony. Here is alot of what I ate and how I moved in Maui- all of which was a frikin dream come true 😉

Welcome to Maui!

Fish tacos from Duke’s. These put San Diego’s famous South Beach fish tacos to SHAME! These were the BEST tacos I’ve ever had (well they better be- I paid $15 for em!) The fish was fresh line caught and the was the most moist, well cooked fish I’ve ever been lucky enough to eat! This was my first meal in Maui- what a way to start the trip!

Our hotel, Honua Kai, filled this jug with a different type of fruit water everyday. Anastasia and I drank obnoxious amounts of it- this one was pineapple, which I thought was the best.

Dinner on the first night 🙂  Black bean and cheese quesadillas on our balcony-while listening to Isreal “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole sing Over the Rainbow of course.

The beautiful view from the gym in the hotel~ it created the perfect combination of relaxation and motivation.

Kanaapali Beach was a great place to run, on account of how gorgeous it is. It was also where I discovered that running barefoot on the beach is NOT for me. After less than half of a mile I had tiny blisters on my toes! I was literally sand blasting my feet with every step I ran! I don’t know how people do it…. seriously ow!

The water was about 70 degrees, I was so stoked! It’s so pretty there- you could literally just stare at the beach all day long.


It’s certain that I drank way too many Mai Tais and Pina Coladas…however they were completely worth the calories!


Maui gets rainbows like this everyday. What a beautiful afternoon view.

At the Old Lahaina Luau, they served us fresh pineapple and banana bread before dinner. Both items were impeccably fresh and delicious! As was ALL the pineapple we were served on this trip.

My gluttonous plate from the buffet @ the luau. I had various fish dishes, a fern salad, crab salad, a local purple sweet potato and Ahi Poke. The Ahi poke was so incredible someone at our table went to the buffet and brought back a huge platter of it for us to all share. It was the star of the Luau. If you’re in Maui, go to the Old Lahaina Luau JUST for the ahi poke. Mmmmmm. That little black side cup has poi in it. Poi is a traditional starchy Hawaiian staple made from fermented Taro root. I was REALLY excited to try the poi, as I’ve seen it on the Food Network and in movies many times- but I was terribly disappointed. It was a disgusting, flavorless, glue-like paste.

The dessert platter @ the luau. Coconut sqaures, brownies and those little mini pie things are macadamia nut tarts. Guess which one I had….


This jack-pot of a dinner was made on the grill at our hotel. We bought some local fish at the market along with some asparagus and had a delicious Hawaiian BBQ. The green stuff you see on the right is a seaweed salad we bought as well. The most delicious part of the meal was a white fish we bought called Malu, it tasted like lobster!

We ate FAR too many tortillas chips. This pineapple salsa was made downstairs @ our hotel. There was an awesome little natural cafe that sold local and organic food-perfect!

Enjoying Aloha hour on our last afternoon.

BBQ’d shrimp in a garlic wine sauce from Ruth’s Chris…A huge thank you Anastasias boss who took us for the great surprise dinner!

I wish I had a picture of  the massive amounts of Macadamia nuts I ate and of the rum I drank!

I never wanted to go to Hawaii.  It was one of those places that just never interetsed me for some reason, I though that there were other cooler places to see.  I was lucky enough to go on this trip because my friend Anastasia has an awesome job that gave her a free hotel and she invited me along!  I’m so happy she did (thanks!!!! ).  On this trip, I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been for such a prolonged period of time.  I don’t think I felt stress or worry one time.  It was nothing but laughing, tanning, working out, eating, applying sunscreen, swimming and lounging.  Everywhere I went there was a ukulele playing or some other cool island tunes driftin through the air. The smell of either tropical flowers, pineapples, coconuts or rum was everywhere I turned.  Maui is beautiful, relaxing and peaceful and I’ll think about everyday until I can go back!  I heart Hawaii!


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  1. Grace May 4, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    sounds GLORIOUSSS

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