My Sister is Coming Home!

8 May

EEEeeeeeeee!!!  WOOOoooooo!!!  YEAHHHHHH!  My sister moved to Colorado last Fall and it took everything I had to not fall into a pit of sorrow, self-pity and loneliness. I mean I GUESS I should be happy for her because she moved to be with her boyfriend, with whom she’s complete in love….but screw that!  She belongs in SoCal, or more specifically- she belongs in Ocean Beach so we can have our amazing social, mellow, active, sun-loving lifestyle back!!! The one and only cool thing that came out of her move was that I met my awesome new roommate Ashley- she’s so awesome if you met her you’d totally be pissed she’s not your roommate.  But anyways…I digress, my sister is coming home for a three-week visit today!  In fact she’ll be here in an hour!!!  Holy Shit! I’m so excited!

We’re planning to do SO much fun stuff while she’s here, which will surly include alot of eating and drinking.  However- we both committed to staying focused on our FITness- even though this is a vacation for her.  I definitely can’t be acting like I’m on a three-week vacation just because she is visiting!  Here is a list of some of the fun, healthy, active, FIT bitch stuff I want to do while she’s here!

~Walk down to the beach as much as possible!

~Go to the farmers market and buy fresh local veggies to grill

~Hike Torrey Pines

~Take a hott yoga class

~Run Sunset Cliffs

~ Get sushi

~ Go to the gym with all of our friends

~ Get loving Hut

~ Take numerous walks around OB

~ Dance like crazy in heels @ Fluxx!

I  know that no matter what we end up doing these next three weeks are going to busy and super freakin fun! Everyone is counting down the seconds for this hoe to arrive!!!  Hurry up United airlines!!!  Fly faster!


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