You Don’t Say!!!!!??!!

10 May

I find it hilarious that when you lose weight people everywhere (regardless of their own size and FITness level) want to give you advice on how you can keep losing weight.  I mean I know you’re just trying to be helpful dudes- but I’ve clearly got this shit figured out….I shed 70 pounds on my own before you suggested I eat a piece of fish every week.

I like to stick to  the rule that you should never give advice unless it’s asked for.  Lately, a lot of people have been asking me for advice or just wondering HOW I lost weight.  Telling people exactly what I did to lose 70 pounds is the funnest thing in the world to do!  I can’t believe that I somehow stuck to something long enough to get results….how the hell did that happen? Well I know why it happened. I accepted the fact that it would take me a year. I hated this fact and it discouraged me numerous times.  Even now with a much more do-able 10 pounds to lose, I still feel anxiety about the length of time it might take.  I’ve been hovering around my current weight for several weeks now and it’s really frustrating me! I know exactly what I need to do to get them off. But it’s stepping up to a whole new level of commitment. 

My routine changes with each new weight I get to.  Sometimes I go hardcore and run @ 5:30am while keeping my carbs under 60 grams a day.  A few weeks later I might be back to doing the gym three-four evenings a week and eating more carbs than normal.  I know exactly where my happy medium is feel confident that I will maintain my weight loss for life.  But in order to keep progressing and not simply maintaining I need to switch things up.  In the past I’ve written about changing my routine to see better results and the biggest part of that change was usually just being strict and intense. And yep that works. Don’t you hate how hard work pays off?  Why can’t easy work pay off??

For the next few weeks I’m going to stop using the myfitnesspal app  to track my calories and carbs.  After months of using that great little app I feel pretty confident that I know that calorie breakdown for most items I regularly eat. But I truthfully feel that beginning a few weeks ago the app started hindering my progress- I was too careful about what I was eating and was working out JUST to get the app to show that I came in under my daily calorie goal.  So-Myfitnesspal is totally awesome but it’s time for a little break.  I will know when I’ve worked out really hard because I’ll be tired and happy and sweaty.  I don’t need my phone to tell me that right now. I want to feel it!  I will get back to limiting sugar and  chugging as much water as humanly possible (although that means I have to pee equally as much!) I will also get back to eating lots and lots of salads!  C’mon body of mine ! Lets prove all the fad dieting idiots out there that this healthy, non radical weight loss thing IS possible!

Here’s Nina and I at the OB Farmers market yesterday!

Here we are later last night, on a run @ Mission bay!

In the past few months I’ve been advised by numerous well-meaning people to do the thing listed below(these are all  hilarious  because they’re completely obvious, incorrect or they themselves would never cause long term weight loss alone ) :

 try the miracle cleanse with or without cayenne pepper

drink more water (you don’t say?! You must be a doctor!!)

cut out dairy

go in a suana everynight 

 not to lift weights or to only lift weights

drink water with lemon in it! (really someone told me this was ALL I had to do and I’d shed pounds insanely quick!)

Eat lots of fruits and veggies (wow… nutritional genius!)

Don’t eat baked goods or desserts (but I though the cookie diet was a real thing?!)

Wear really tight belts so you hold your stomach in tighter.


 This last year has taught me that no matter how badly you want to lose 20 pounds in a week- it really just can’t happen. There’s not one special secret that will make you have the body you’ve always dreamed of. FIT bitches do lots of little things all the time so that we won’t just be FIT, we’ll also stay happy!


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