14 May

Over the past year I’ve noticed that I respond very well to specific goals.  A vague “I’ll lose weight” outlook isn’t always the most efficient for me.  When I decided in January that I wouldn’t eat ANY sugar for two months…I stuck to it and actually didn’t eat sugar for two months!  It was awesome!   I’m 100% on my FIT bitch grind but I’m feeling like I’d like to give myself  a little ass kick this month and make some noticeable progress.  So starting today, the THREE WEEK CHALLENGE begins!  I have 21 days to lose 10  pounds!  Is this possible??  I think so…..  My sister is visiting from Colorado and we like to go out and eat and drink and have a good time.  I will still do this but I’m going to work my ass out like you wouldn’t even believe. 

I’m not going to follow an overly specific eating plan.  I am going to eat a vegetable full, high protein diet and will try to limit my intake of carbs, sugars  and fried things.  Notice I said limit.  Not eliminate.  I don’t extremes even for intense challenges. If Nicole and I want to go get sushi….I’m getting sushi.  If  I want a beer while watching the NBA playoffs, I’ll have one. ONE. Not three.  Dude this is going to freakin legit! If I lose 10 pounds in the next three weeks- I will be exactly where I want by the time summer starts!  This will mean after years of saying “Oh I’ll get skinny by summer…” I ACTUALLY DID. 

The reason I’m choosing to embark on an intense challenge like this in the middle of  a fun social time while my sister’s here on  vacation is because I have to.  If I lose these last few pounds in three weeks, I’ll be just in time for:  Summer, the beach, 4th of July and my awesome  friend Mariam’s wedding!!! 


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