Beets and Peaces

22 May

It’s Tuesday already!  I  was so busy at work yesterday I almost feel like I got to skip over Monday- which is always cool in my book.

This weekend was relaxing and fun.  I spent friday night and Saturday day in Orange County and then Sat Eve and Sunday in San Diego.  Friday Night I drove to OC right after work for my parents Birthday dinner.  Mom cooked a delicious creative vegetarian dinner & I made a special birthday dessert.  I NEVER bake but in an effort to get to know what my mom likes(she’s so easy-going about what we eat, she doesn’t even know what her favorite dessert is!),  I wanted to make something that I created specifically for her.  So the Apple Fritter Bread Pudding was born.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, a bread pudding made with torn up apple fritter donuts instead of plain bread.  Just make a standard bread pudding but make  the custard less sweet.  My mom adores apple fritters and it was the only dessert I could think up that I was sure she’d be into!  Here’s our dinner:

Mom made a caprese salad topped with pesto but used beets instead of tomato! Awesome idea! the sweetness of the beets paired perfectly with the fresh mozz!!

Try this! I couldn’t believe how different it tasted- such a cool idea for tomato haters out there!

Beet Caprese with a quinoa lentil salad on the side- oh and wine of course.

Apple Fritter Bread Pudding fresh outta the oven 🙂

Served warm and a la mode

Saturday morning, my dad, sister and I woke up bright and early to go to hot yoga @ Core Power in Aliso Viejo ( I mean we DID have to burn off the bread pudding!)  It was a fairly easy class physically and was, as usual, the best way to start a weekend off right.  You just feel so limber and content after hot yoga.  It really makes me feel strong and reset emotionally.  If you’re going through something hard in life, there’s nothing I can recommend more than a hot yoga class- it helps you let go of a lot of pent-up feelings and lets you focus on positive energy.   Does this sound nuts? I would have thought so too…before I actually took a couple of classes.  It’s so cool how the physical and emotional are so connected and how yoga lets you feel that.  Please – just try it, even if you assume you’ll hate it.

This weekend was the first time I could complete and hold the bridge pose! I haven’t been able to do this since I was like 9 years old! Hot Yoga is paying off!

Sunday was spent at the beach.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer- it was perfect timing for my sister who’s only here for a little while!  We brought magazines to read (my favorite!!), waters and some nuts to snack on while we lay out.

After hours of  lounging on the sand, we were famished!  So we did what any two FIT bitches would do. We hauled our bikini covered booties to EL Zarappe in University Heights for some burritos!  Wait…. burritos?? Yes. Amazing burritos.  And I know I’m on my THREE WEEK CHALLENGE but I made room in my day for this glorious massive mexican wonder….meaning, Nicole and I hiked hills in my neighborhood for an hour and a half after eating these!  It was totally worth it!  We both ordered the Veggie Supreme burritos and I doused mine in plenty of their perfectly savory hot sauces! These are the best burritos for my money and my calorie intake! 


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