Where Am I?

5 Jun

Well I’ve been completely MIA for quite a long  time…what has it been days? weeks? All I know is that life has been a crazy busy whirlwind and I haven’t had the time to keep up with this sweet blog and all you FIT  awesome readers.  But I’m back.  I almost don’t have time to write this on my lunch break because my to-do list is so long at the office today.  So here’s whats going on…. oh and I promise  never be a terrible, lazy, hiatus taking loser again! Well at least never for more than two or three days tops! 🙂

– MY THREE WEEK CHALLENGE was failure. Not a complete failure, I mean I lost about 4 pounds, just  not the 10lbs that I wanted.  But I still feel okay about not gaining while I drank beers, ate dessert and generally acted borderline carefree when my family was in town.  I’m gonna give myself a THREE WEEK CHALLENGE do over starting next week- that is going to be VERY intense.

– My sister went back to Colorado…. : ‘(  tear…. WAHHHH.  Having her @ home made my CA life feel complete! 

– I went to the beach like 6 times in the past month. I’m actually not ghostly white anymore!  Still pale compared to regular human beings in SoCal….just not as translucent as before. Oh and I have alot more freckles!

– I finally went to Prep Kitchen in Little Italy.  I’ve been wanting to go for months and we went to happy hour there on my sisters last night in San Diego.  The service and atmosphere were incredible.  I wasn’t blown away by the food, but then again I only ordered the tapas.  Can’t wait to go back and have a full-on meal.

– I’m excited to transition into the tough training portion of my exercise life.  I think I’ve been taking it pretty easy the past month- mellow runs, hill hiking, random weight lifting trips to the gym- nothing very focused or intense.  I am ready to move in to really trying to become in shape- not just ‘not fat’ anymore.  I have had to worry so much about dropping pounds in the past I didn’t spend much time thinking about how my muscles were growing or how they’d look when they were more defined.  I want to be stronger, faster and more ripped than other people.  Time to start sweatin’.

– 2012 is going exactly how I’d hoped regarding my FITness, family and social life now I just need to get my financial life in order and I feel like I’ll be on top of the world!

– I have a great friends wedding to attend this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait!  It’s going to be amazing to see old friends, celebrate an amazing couple and dance the night away!

– I ate marshmallows last weekend.  Real, old-fashioned, gelatin containing marshmallows.  I haven’t eaten one since before I became a vegetarian 18 years ago!  I know that gelatin mostly comes from animal sources and this has always been a problem for me.  I’m not sure what came over me but I was on a camping trip and kind of felt like ‘when in Rome’ so I roasted  some marshmallows and it was totally 100% worth the calories and the slight guilt! Dude, honestly, how good are roasted marshmallows?  They are for sure the most underrated summertime food! At four for 100 calories,  I felt like I REALLY indulged without splurging too badly!

 Thats all for now.  I’m back in the blogisphere now!  🙂



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