You Only Get One Today

22 Jun

Dammit…. Why does the title of this blog have to be true!?

I really need to work harder on remembering that what we do to matters.  Not only for today- but todays actions affect every future day too, so we need to make today the best day possible.  Life procrastination is shitty habit that I could really stand to break. If I can break my cheesy noodle habit I should be able to live for today too right?  Well it’s my goal for the summer.  I’ll never be this young again.  This is the last time I’ll be 26- so I’m going to make this summer count! 

I started the season out on a great foot!  Summer Solstice was spent @ the beach with good friends around a bonfire.  Check it out!



What a great idea for a bonfire! Shrimp Skewers! Thanks Ash!

Roasting what my roommie describes as a Paleo/Primal S’more….A date stuffed with cheese! You should def try this on your next camping trip!


Ohh and maybe some non-paleo S’mores were eaten as well….


A beautiful Pacific ocean Sunset on the longest day of the year


Lets’ get out and live an amazing, FIT, crazy fun weekend!

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