Sugar is Such a Superficial Bitch

25 Jun

While I LOVED the glorious desserts I ate this weekend- they were not good for me…at all.  They don’t even make me happy in the least.  Sure, while I’m eating them they sure do taste great, but I think since I’ve been feeling good about myself lately- I’ve been allowing more sugar in my life than is okay.  I feel like CRAP today.  I hope it’s pms…but I think it’s the sugar…. Well adios motha fucka – I’m going cold turkey again…It’s been real sugar.  You really are one sweet ass ingredient, but we just aren’t right for each other.  And we both know it.

My #1 fave sweet thing in the world…Hazelnut Gelato. Eating it on a deck over the Ocean in Maui?….Umm probabaly the best thing I can think of.

Some people are okay with sugar- I am not one of those people.  Sugar not only makes me fat, but it also makes me depressed, lethargic, lazy and probably sick too!  As I discussed last time I quit sugar (for 2 months in Jan – Mar 2012) there are NO health benefits to eating it.  So while I’m already pretty committed to limiting sugar for the rest of my life for my health, and I view it as a major treat- I need to step it up again! I’m of the mind that it’s okay to eat a Christmas cookie or get dessert when you’re out at a nice dinner or on vacation.  However I don’t EVER think it’s okay to be snacking on cookies or candy bars once a day.  That way of eating doesn’t agree with me and honestly- I seriously think it gives me depression….I’m off sugar for 3 months starting right now (except for on my birthday – I will order dessert when I have my b-day dinner or get gelato or something).


Super diabetes inducing famous frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity in NYC. Being in Manhattan for the first time with your Dad and Brother…yeah that’s an appropriate time to down some insulin creating goo like this…


I’ll be following the same rules as the last time I did this…..NO SUGAR ADDED AT ALL!  That means none. Oh and if you think this means I’m giving up drinking – you’re nuts.  I’ll be allowing myself a couples drinks once or twice a week….because THOSE are worthy calories….I think… oh yeah, I’m 26- they definitely are!! LOL! The items below make up the list of sugary item that I will not touch.  But in truth, there doesn’t even need to be a list.  Just nothing sweetened. I’m an unsweet girl until Sept 25th- and even then sugar will be a very rare indulgence!


muffins, danishes & all pastries (umm obvi no FIT bitch should ever eat these)

pancakes & waffles

jams, jellies & syrups

sweetened PB or Nutella

sweetened or frozen yogurt

ice cream/ gelato…tear 😥

drinks like Gatorade, Lemonade or Soda (I  never usually


Sweetened protein bars & shakes

granola & sugary cereal

sweetened coffee drinks

honey, gave & maple syrup

sugary drink mixers

mints or sugary gum

*stevia is okay though!


The most awesome part of this sugar ban?  It’s not even going to be a challenge.  I know I can easily do this…So I’m not challenging myself- I’m COMMITTING myself.  Committing myself to a more energetic, healthy and much skinnier life!  C’mon…join me, it’ll be worth it- I promise!



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