Sweet Weekend

25 Jun

Well hello Monday you inconsiderate savage, you…. Thanks for showing up and ruining a perfectly good week.

I had an awesome weekend that was full of lots of activity, friends,  FIT food and some not so FIT food.  Summer is in full swing- and I can already tell that it’s going to go by WAY too fast!  Saturday was so jam packed with fun shit I can barely remember it all.  Sunday was a little more laid back but just as summery and relaxing!  Here’s a recap of  my summers begining in photos.


Kicked off Friday night @ Raglans Pub in OB. Had that 2 pilsners, a veggie patty melt and about 15 of those fries! The veggie patty was made in house out of garbonzo beans and yams! It was different and went well with the beer!

After dinner I met up with my friend and her hubby for a drink.  We went to the ‘top of the Hyatt’ bar in the Hyatt down town, it was cool to check out a new place and to spend time with new love birds! 


Hit the gym Saturday morning to try and burn off those beers! Did an arm & shoulder work out after warming up on the stairclimber and doing a short circuit work out.

This tricep workout out is killer, and my arms are burning as I sit at my desk typing right now.


After the gym I ate breakfast and  went to one of my favorite spots in San Diego, the Little Italy Farmers market!

Bought carrots & beets

Also got a pound of these fresh string beans! I’m so excited to steam these tonight and serve them with a touch of butter & salt.


Saturdays lunch was at another of my VERY favorite spots in SD…Mitch’s fish place. It’s right in the marina in point loma and has incredible food! I ordered 2 halibut tacos and they were absolutely perfect!

A plethora of condiments with a view….what could be better?


Around 5:00pm on Saturday I walked a few blocks to the OB street fair to meet up with some friends. Grace LOVES street fairs!


I had a late dinner of tapas @ PrepKitchen with my roommate. These shrimp were cooked in a mini cast iron skillet in sizzlin’ olive oil and were one of my two small plates.

This little salad was too die for! Arugula, shaved fennel and tangerines! Ashley and I also shared those marinated olives!

Since I’m trying to be FIT and Ash is gluten free, we would never have ordered this dessert, but the kitchen sent it out to us since it’s new on the menu. Umm it was divine! The strawberries were marinated in Grand Marnier!

My roommmate was IN LOVE with these. Blue cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped dates! They smelled incredible!! Oh and btw, all the tapas plates are only $3.75!!


Sunday morning I slept until about 9:15am. As soon as I woke up I headed to the store to get some eggs for b-fast. I always love the view on the way back to my house! Such a happy way to start a Sunday!

Driving to the grocery store before I’d even had coffee was worth it. This mushroom, pepper jack and tomato omlette hit the spot!


After breakfast I went to PB to try and get some good deals with Grace! We finished off  the afternoon with hazelnut gelato!


I got home from shopping around 4:30 and went on a long walk around my neighborhood (about an hour). I wanted the excercise from hiking up some monsterous hills and the vitamin D from the beautiful sun!


A post walk snack from the farmers market.

This salad was the reason I bought the beets @ the market! Spinach, slivered almonds, goat cheese, avaocado, fresh beats and a tiny drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

After dinner last night, I was re-arranging my closet when my friend Anastasia called and said she was in my neighborhood.  Considering that fact that I ate dessert on Sat AND gelato while shopping, I figured a second walk would be a good thing! We walked for about and hour and a half- gossiping while walking is a great combo!

Whew!  I can’t believe I jammed all that stuff into two days! This week I really want to focus on weight loss. Not just fitness or the feel-good affects or a healthy lifestyle.  I want to push HARD to get those last lbs off. I’m going to the gym after work then will go another night walk with Anastasia.  I’m loving being FIT and love that its still the main focus in my world these days!


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