Strings and Shrooms

26 Jun

As I was enthusiastically browsing around the Little Italy Farmers Market this weekend like a kid in a candy store, something drew me to the string beans.  String beans are a vegetable I rarely buy and seldom eat.  But in the light of the perfect summer day, something about their  garden~y smell was irresistable.  I picked up a pound for $3.00 and happily carried them home, imaging what cool FIT things I do with them in the kitchen.  Below is my summer version of the classic green bean casserole…..a cool string bean salad!  It made for the perfect side dish for dinner last night and you could adapt this in a million ways to fit your taste!

Begin by washing and trimming any stems off of the beans.

Then steam them for about 5 minutes or until they’re just tender (this salad will not be impressive if they get mushy, like canned green beans)

I like mine al dente, with a little crisp left in ’em!

Once the beans cool, cut them  into inch long pieces and mix them with seasoned, sautéed mushrooms.

I sautéed regular ‘ol white mushrooms in some coconut oil with salt and garlic powder….the trick here is to let the mushrooms get really crispy, which will help them develop a rich, almost meat-like flavor. Just mix the two ingredients together when they’re room temperature I’d I used 2/3 beans to 1/3 mushrooms.

The last step is to toss this with your favorite salad dressing or lightly with oil and vinegar.  I used a creamy cilantro dressing and it made the salad cool and refreshing!  If you use a mayo-free dressing this would be awesome to bring to picnic or pot-luck!

You could also spice this up by adding any of the following, depending on the rest of your menu: slivered almonds, goat cheese, roasted garlic cloves, kalamata olives,  and even Bacon (if you’re a meat eater).

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to get your fill of a delicious green bean dish!  These guys are healthy for you too-see below!

vitamin C…20.3%

vitamin K… 18%

vitamin A… 13.8%



vitamin B….6.7%



nutrition info from


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