Am I Being a Bitch?

28 Jun

I’m not scared to admit that the only magazine I want a subscription to is US weekly.  I freakin LOVE celebrity gossip and frankly couldn’t care less if that makes me a little soul-less.  Its a fun pastime that no-one should take very seriously…unless of course they’re showing a pic of Jessica Simpsons’s bost-baby bod, THEN shit is gonna start to get serious! Most women I know, whether they’ll openly admit it or not, are curious to flip through the pages of the current celeb trash mag.  We’re all interested by who’s dating who, who’s knocked up or who gained a ton of weight.  My super-duper favorite thing to stalk is celebrities exercising!  I adore seeing hot celeb chicks working hard on their hollywood bods!  What could be more inspiring?  The answer to that question is nothing.  Nothing is more inspiring that watch Jessica Beil run sprints at a track.

So now that I’ve given you some background on my celeb interests…allow me discuss something that seriously pisses me off. First, please take a second to check out this article from


So the Manzo daughter from NJ housewives got weight loss surgery and lost 30 pounds ( I realize  this chick isn’t really a celeb…but whatever she’s a public figure).  Now, I don’t want to be hateful or negative but honestly you got SURGERY to lose 30 pounds??!!  That’s totally crazy! I understand that willpower is hard to come by- believe me, it took me 5 years to muster up the energy to lose any weight at all.  But c’mon you’re going to have you stomach stapled instead of just cutting down on the pasta and cheese??   It basically sickens me that people are congratulating this girl on how great she looks.  She did nothing….sure she had pop some pain pills for a few weeks and maybe the nerves of going into surgery were hard to deal with….but is this seriously what our society has become?  People are so lazy and so unwilling to have a healthy lifestyle that they have to actually physically prevent themselves from eating poorly?  I mean this chick has money, fame and all the time in the world on her hands and she can’t get out on the track and go running?  She can’t join weight watchers or count calories or follow the Paleo diet? 

I’m saddened because the rise in the number of these surgeries indicates two things to me: 1. We are incredibly lazy as a society. No one wants to put in any effort- even if it means looking hot and feeling happy, 2. We are as vain as can be. When you get a surgery that shrinks the size of your stomach, you’re not thinking about healthy meals or weight lifting or the endorphins that you’ll get to enjoy from a long hard work out.  You’re just thinking about getting skinny.  And that is why so many people gain all their weight back after these surgeries.  Imagine what kind of fucked up relationship you must have with food, if you’ve had your stomach made smaller and you still manage to eat so much you stretch it out again!?  Unless you are morbidly, extremely, massively obese – to the point where you can hardly move….I say forget about the surgeon and get your lazy ass off the couch and onto the treadmill.  Stop lifting pizza and start lifting weights. 

I really don’t get it.  Fake boobs- I actually can get that.  Yes that is still a vain, elective and risky medical procedure, but I can understand it a little more.  There is no alternative.  If you want big boobs and don’t have them…well you’re SOL.  But if you wanna lose weight…guess what? – You can actually just do that….you don’t have to risk your life or spend thousand of dollars.   Basically overweight celeb chicks, what I’m trying to say is, don’t cheat yourself.  Don’t rob yourself out of one of the toughest, most intense, character building life experiences you can have.   Don’t pass over the chance to learn what true committment means.  As shitty as it is to be overweight, we actually get the chance to change the people we are on the inside and out. And while it’s a struggle, it’s one of those beautiful struggles that leaves you as a better person than you were when you started.  You want to lose all those lessons and opt for the quick route?  It’s just not the same.

I guess I am being a bitch.  If  this surgery makes people happy who am I to judge right? I should be congratulating a fellow weight loss success story. But I can’t.  It’s just too shitty of an example to set. I Know it’s not this Manzo girl’s fault and it’s not her responsibilty to set an example for anyone. In general though, this surgery basically says:  “Hey  guys you can get as fat as you want…then when you want to be skinny again, you can go get surgery and you’ll have no choice but to lose weight!  No willpower needed!  Oh and by the way, you could die during surgery, but it sure is an easier route than trading my calzone out for grilled salmon! ”

And that is the end of my rant.

One Response to “Am I Being a Bitch?”

  1. Ash June 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    This is glorious!!!! I am inspired to not
    Miss out on my ‘charactor building’ experiences!! Thanks Jamie!!!

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