5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, V

29 Jun

1. Protein-

Of all the FIT Bitch must haves….this is my all time #1.  I honestly don’t think there’s anything for more important for me.  I can’t start my day without it, finish a work out with out it, basically I can’t feel normal with out it.   If I start my work day without protein, you can sure as hell bet I’ll be spinning into a hypoglycemic frenzy within a few hours.  I understand the same need for protein doesn’t exist for all FIT bitches.  My sister, for example ,could begin her day with a plate of syrup soaked pancakes and feel just great until lunch time.  If my brother, mom or I ate that way- we’d be  useless human beings within an hour.

This is the type of protein packed snack that makes me feel great around 3:00pm!

Protein digests much slower than carbohydrates and gives me sustained energy to get through the day.  I guess it’s just the way my body ticks.  I can feel a such a huge difference depending on the amount of protein v carbs I eat.  Some of my dietary staples include greek yogurt, tuna, salmon, eggs & tofu…without these foods I think losing weight would have been incredibly difficult- not impossible, but very difficult. Give meal a packed with protein and a good amount of fat and I’ll be walking on sunshine.  I want to encourage more people to try and eat this way because it has helped me feel better in so many ways.  My brother has stopped making starchy grains and sugars main parts of his diet and he’s never felt better…(or been more jacked!) Do it!

2. Something to look forward to-

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had to have something to look forward to.  A trip, a long weekend, a party, a friend coming into town…it’d never really mattered what it was, as long as there was something out of the ordinary to wait for.  Having an exciting change to your routine makes mundane monday’s easier to swallow and sitting at the same desk everyday feel a little bit happier.  This year, I’ve had plenty of things to look forward to and they not only make me smilier, but they also give me motivation to work my ass off! 

Going to Maui this Spring was EXACTLY the push I needed to run my booty off!

Right now, I have my birthday to look forward to.  I think I will weigh about 50 pounds less  than I did at my last birthday! I can’t wait to pick out an outfit and then compare photos!  What a difference a year can make!  Right now I’m hustlin’ so that 27 is the hottest birthday yet!

3. Humility-

I guess this isn’t just a FIT bitch must have. I think everyone could stand to be a little more humble, but especially in the FITness world.  I’m all about self-love, but there’s nothing I hate more than watching someone drool over themselves in the mirror at the gym.  Last night, I was working out and literally wanted to punch about 10 dudes in the face.  Super pumped up men who are in lust with their biceps make me want to hurl. Hey go ahead and love yourself, but do you really need to be doing squats in booty shorts while gazing longingly at your implants in the mirror??  I know that I can always improve, I’m FAR from perfect and I have alot of work to do on my self inside and out.  Learning to balance a healthy dose of confidence served with a slice of humble pie?  That’s the ultimate challenge and one that I’ll always be working on.

How much do you want to bitch slap him?

4.  A Gym Membership-

It’s gotten pretty trendy to be anti-gym these days…the cross-fit, hiking, outdoorsy type of working out had become very popular.  Which is awesome.  Personally I can’t imagine a more amazing way to spend a Saturday morning than walking or running along the ocean. BUT sometimes I really NEED to get my ass into a gym.  I know that squats and push-ups and sprinting are EPIC ways to work my bod but sometimes I really want some equipment.  If only to change-up my routine and remind myself that yes you have random muscles and yes you can work them out.  I think the funnest part of the gym trying new machines or free weights you don’t usually use, or spying on and copying what other gyms goers are doing.  Even if I can run for free and do cool cross-fit inspired work-outs with my rommie….I’m gonna keep my gym membership.  Honestly it’s pretty cool to be in a building where everyone is focusing on FIT.  The energy in a busy gym is great motivation for me!  I WILL GO 3 days a week this summer, per my summer ’12 wish list!

5. Sleep-

Call me an old lady all you want, but I’ve been trying to hit the sack by 10:00/10:30pm a few nights a week.  I have ALWAYS been a night owl.  During the week I have to be up around 6:40am and until recently, you could still find me up watching Real Housewives at 1:00am.   For real.  I mean why would anyone do that to themselves?  It was stupid.  For the past couple weeks I’ve been sleeping earlier and feel a thousand times more alert in the mornings.  I know that lack of sleep contributes to stress and belly fat…that shit cray.  Get some shut-eye, I promise any thing you miss won’t have been that great anyway.  unfortunately getting enough sleep is a huge part of being healthy and feeling normal.  If you happen to catch me after a night of 4 or less hours, watch what you say to  me…because I can start crying at pretty much anything….or cursing… crying or cursing, how poised.  Try being inside of your bed around 9:50 or so for a week- you might just love the way you feel in the morning- oh and you might look less haggard @ 6:00am  too!

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