Happy July

2 Jul

It turned into July over the weekend! How did this happen!? Time goes by so fast and I have to admit I absolutely love it!  It keeps my routines from getting stagnant. I’m ecstatic that we’re in the middle of full-blown summer!  I’m in the mood for runs on the beach, bright manicures, short skirts, ripe berries and summer nights!! The coming weeks will be jam-packed with fun summery stuff and I absolutely cannot wait- I can’t wait to share them with you guys too!

I didn’t capture all much of my fun-filled weekend (actually I didn’t capture any of my Sunday because I had a serious vodka flu and ate some very un-FIT food-woops!)  So here is half of my weekend in photos!

After a long, hot, stressful week I began my two days of freedom, the best way I know how….with a drink! Yeah, yeah I know Coors light is water…but it’s all that was in my fridge!

Then my glorious roommie made some macadamia nut crusted swordfish! I think I have the best roommate in the world!

After dinner we embarked on a joint art project….We attempted to make a painting for our kitchen….whether or not we’ll hang it remains to be decided!

On Saturday, I did sprints up this hill.

And this hill.

Jogged on some cliffs that had this view.

Then ran by this beach and wanted to pound myself in the face for not lying on it like all the other smart people in OB.

Had this great post-run meal- Green egg scramble and avo! I scrambled up some eggs with roasted zukes, brocoli, fresh basil and lots of other herbs!

Went to a good old-fashioned house party with Grace in the evening.

A good old-fashioned house party that ended with chicks spinning fire covered hoops…..

I’ll save the gory details of my pathetic hung-over gym workout and subsequent Chipotle feast.

Only 2 sleeps until a crazy fourth of july marshmellow fight!


One Response to “Happy July”

  1. Grace July 2, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    apparently there were fireworks too. i know, i know wtf!

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