6 Jul

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.

It’s Friday!!  Woooo!  And its pay day!

You know what that  means?  It means this FIT bitch got all fancy and decided to try the new Evolution Juice at Starbucks (it’s not often I’m willing to spend close to $5.00 on an individually sized juice).  Actually, I almost NEVER drink juice.  I find juice to be a pretty useless/idiotic thing to drink.  If you want vitamins and fiber….why not just eat the actual fruit?  Fruit juice is high calorie and high sugar.  The only time I think juice is worth the sugar is if you have a small cup of REALLY cold orange juice with eggs @ brunch-and that’s only because  it tastes fab. Or maybe if you make your own juice at home out of lots of veggies…then it’d be lower in sugar and JAM packed with nutrients.

 I’ve been wanting to try this new Evolution juice because it just looks so fresh and delicious in the fridge section in Starbucks. Well that, and the fact the every single person in front of me for the past week has been ordering one.  I’m a band-wagon type of bitch…so what can I say?  I hopped on this juicy trend and I like it! Oh yeah and they were giving out $1 off coupons today.  I think the universe just wanted me to try it.  I opted for the one that I assumed would be the lowest in sugar and would be as thirst quenching as possible.  Coconut water with pineapple. 











Oh sweet god- it tastes like the sweat of an exotic Tahitian angel. Slightly sweet, refreshing and island-esque. I’ve been craving a pina colada for about a week now.  This almost hit the spot….Maybe I could just add a splash of rum to it??

This bottle has 2 servings.  I think this is a realistic serving size.  I will drink half of this juice this morning as a ‘snack’ and probably save the other half for when I wake up tomorrow.   This way I prevent myself from  having a total sugar crash and get to savor my $5 juice for 2 days 🙂  Truthfully as delicious as this is….It’s very unlikely  that I’ll order it again. I think its overpriced and still really high in sugar.  It’s 1000 times better to just drink some water throughout the day, or maybe even some regular coconut water if you feel the need for some extra electrolytes.

 Along with my juice I had to get a Venti iced coffee of course.  Lately I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my budget so I’ve been making at home more or opting for the smaller ‘grande’ sized iced Starbucks.  But today is Friday- my favorite day of the week and I decided it was definitely a Venti day.

Please disregard my puffy, slightly black eye. I was hit with a giant marshmallow-really, really hard. I’m serious. I went to a marshmallow fight on the 4th of July and sustained an injury. It’ll make an awesome story once I’m over the trauma.

Happy Friday!


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