A Few of My Favorite Things

13 Jul

I realize its been a while guys.  I’ve had some major life changes going on related to a schizophrenic neighbor who may or may not be plotting the death of my roommate and I. Seriously-like for real he’s now in a mental hospital and we don’t know when he’s getting out.  Looks like I have to move away from my beloved Ocean Beach.  I’m going to try and stay in the perfect little beach town, but it’s pricey for 1 person alone and I’m not sure I’m up for finding a new roommie. 😦  I have the best roommate ever, but she has to move to Northern San Diego. Tear. A millions tears.

I haven’t done much working out this week and somehow my hamstrings ARE STILL SORE.  I did some light weight deadlifts on Saturday- but I did like a million reps as part of my constant effort to have great thighs and ass.  Holy sweet merciful god- I destroyed myself.  But at least my shredded muscles will have to build themselves up which might mean a bigger butt right!!!?  Life is busy, busy, busy right now and I’m at kind of  crossroads.  What’s the best thing to do when I’m in  these kinds of  situations that might otherwise lead to me having a mini mental breakdown? Run. Run as much as possible. So run I will!  I’m heading to CHUZE fitness after work today to do some incline running on the treadmill and work on my abs…oh and maybe get a spray tan too.  Yeah my gym offers mystic spray tans- so you workout, shower then tan….you get skinnier from running and then  look even more skinny because of a fake tan .  Could I possibly love this place anymore?

Despite the stress going on right now, there are some pretty cool things in my world too.  Here are a few of the things I’m currently digging.

SALADS!  I’m loving all salads these days!

I want lettuce adorned with tons of bomb shit! The one below is a Cesar with classic anchovy dressing and tons of parmesan! SO good!

Classic, fresh and satisfying!

My Sister and her dude moved back to San Diego!  Yay!! 

Here they are at a welcome home taco feast!

Yellowtail tartar from Prep Kitchen, Little Italy.


 Honestly- the best dish I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant.


Not only was this beautiful but it was savory, slightly sweet and everything my taste buds have ever wanted!

Hard,  crispy apples as a snack!

These are organic apples and the variety is Cripps Pink. You know I’m a G like that.

The beach skies in OB

So beautiful. Dude you should really move here. This was the view from our local taco shop/bar on Wednesday. It makes me so happy!

Cinnamon in my Greek Yogurt

No sugar needed! Cinnamon gives this a dessert~y like feel, add cut up apples too for a guilt free, sinfully good breakfast!

 Happy Friday everyone!  Relax this weekend!


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