Random FIT Facts

17 Jul

I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year now and have discovered alot of things I love about leading a FIT life.  Everyday there is a new opportunity to do something fun, eat something  delicious, meet someone awesome all while LOSING WEIGHT!  It’s easy to get bored and feel like  you’d rather order a pizza than make a salad or hit the bar instead of the gym.  So I think it’s important to take a step back and look at all the positive things that come with a healthy life. Here is a random list  of some of the little things that bring me joy, or just some of the things I ponder as I build muscle and kick fatness in the ass! 

Almonds are Easy-  Almonds are like my security blanket.  Having them around means that I won’t get insanely hangry and have a sickening blood sugar drop.  A handful of these healthy bad-boys is the perfect snack, I try to keep them around all the time.  Tip: try the Wasabi Almonds from trader Joes…glorious, just try not to eat the whole bag in 1 day!

Avocados, proof that love does exist– sweet Christ, the fact that these are high in good fat and low in carbs seem unreal. True love, or maybe lust….

A new, tight hair tie makes all the difference– Oh how much prettier my pony tails swings when my hair is pulled tightly back in what I call- ‘the face lift’ pony.

Water is awesome- Thank goodness water doesn’t taste like shit. I mean it almost has no flavor (most of the time), feels awesome in your mouth, is mucho beneficial and is refreshing as hell. You can drink the clear stuff all day long- awesome, thanks mother nature.

I like not being crazy- In High School I had a friend who was trying to lose weight and would eat nothing but cottage cheese, spinach, almonds and turkey for weeks at a time.  This friend lost weight but would be so annoyingly obsessed with eating only certain foods that I wanted to punch her in the face.  One day I asked her  to try a bite of this delicious roasted veggie pizza I brought for lunch and she wouldn’t even take one bite- not even half a bit.  Everyone was raving over this pizza and I knew she would love it.  I remember that  exact moment because I couldn’t believe how stupid it was that she would deny herself one tiny delectable bite. I never want to be the girl whose entire world revolves around dieting.  Cheers to not being bat shit nuts like that.  I am okay with ‘cheating’ or as I like to call it, ‘living’ sometimes.  For example, I had the plate below (minus the toast) for brunch on Sunday followed by 3/4 or a huge veggie supreme burrito that evening.  Did I gain any weight from doing that? No- because  I don’t eat that way all the time. I just refuse to be an uptight skinny ho-bag who can’t enjoy food!

soy-rizo scramble from West Coast Tavern 🙂

Endorphins really are  a great drug- So besides being healthy and helping people look great, exercise ALSO releases endorphins that make you FEEL great. Bring ’em on! Sometimes they are the only reason I get my ass to the gym!

Shopping, the way it should have been all along- Dude, shopping is a whole new experience for me now!  I can actually buy anything I want and it will look freakin’ suh-weet!  Ok…well not anything but you know what I mean.  It’s so refreshing to go to a store and have too many choices and too many things I absolutely love.  Truthfully, it sucks that I can’t afford to buy all the clothes I want now…because I’ve been looking forward to the day where I could go on a post weight loss shopping spree for longer than I can remember!  But even shopping for fun has become a favorite pass-time…I just LOVE trying things on!

Veggies are exciting-  I love that I’m excited to buy my veggies for the week. I love being @ Trader Joes and deciding what veggie I’ll roast, steam or saute and which I’m going to eat raw in salads. Now before you think I’ve lost my mind, just know I still think chips and salsa  are in delicious and I wish I could eat them everyday- but I enjoy eating veggies as a snack instead because they fill me up and don’t leave me feeling like shit.  It’s so fun to have so many options and that all of them are healthy in their own way.  Last week I stocked up on mini heirloom tomatoes and this week  I’ve been snacking on raw carrots and broccoli  with a greek yogurt/kale dip!

Pumping iron is sexy- I’ve always fancied myself to be strong chick.  That was until I worked out with a really strong chick who whooped my ass when we weight lifted together.  This new strong friend of  mine showed me some new weight lifting techniques that would help me sculpt my notoriously week shoulders and help me get the FIT looking arms of my dreams.  I’ve been hittin’ the free weights lately at the gym, using my new-found moves and can already notice that my arms look prettier (really, I think women neglect their arms @ the gym and it’s a HUGE mistake!) I want sexy arms a la Jessica Beil. 

photo from x929.ca. This is Jessica at the ESPYS this years- what a boss

 Peace ❤






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