Food Frenzy

24 Jul

I had all out crazy food frenzied weekend. Wait hold on, let me give that statement some context….My parents came into San Diego and I had an amazing Stay-cation weekend with them.  My sister, my parents and I all stayed at the Bay Front Marriot.  It was the most perfect weekend anyone could ask for. Wine, food, laughing hysterically at inappropriate shit and just getting in some long over due family relaxation. It was perfect. Okay so back to the food frenzy.  My family and I are a bunch of foodies.  Really, all five of us love food.  Not like Burger King type fatso foodies….like real foodies.  We all love good wine, truffles, new spices and trying new things.

Here are some highlights from this weekend… And YES I realize I may have swayed slightly off the FIT path, but I’m back on it this week & I’ll tell you about that later!

Started out Saturday with some poolside cocktails and lunch.Nothing beats good guacamole. No tangy store bought crap here.

The was my favorite dish of the weekend. Shrimp grilled on sugar cane skewers with a cilantro tequila sauce and grilled lemon. The shrimp was cooked and seasoned perfectly!


Hangin’ by the pool


Ok so Pina Coladas are a vice. Love them. I only allow myself to indulge while on vacation. A stay-cation counts right?

Before dinner, I forced my mom into the middle of the road to take come pictures.

Family dinner @ Benncotto. This place won best Italian for the past 3 years in SD magazine. The service was okay, the food pretty good and the wine was fabulous.

We shared a great Malbec

I ordered their squid pasta with pink shrimp sauce. This is their famous dish that everyone raves about. I though it was okay, nothing I’d freak out over or order again. My dad was obsessed with it and couldn’t stop eating it.

Walking around Gaslamp with Mom & Dad after dinner

Breakfast buffet round 1. Greek yogurt, fruit cheese and a mini croissant.

Breakfast buffet round 2. I ate this all minus the cinnamon roll which grabbed for Nicole. I had to get second helping of the greek yogurt, it was plain unsweetened but slightly lemon~y and absolutely delicious!

After breakfast, we headed down to the pool to catch a few more rays and take a final swim.  The weekend was great- even though I was in my own city, it really felt like I was vacation.  Such a great summery thing to do.

I couldn’t end such an epic weekend on a boring note, so after my parents left and I ran some errends, I met up with Grace for dinner @ West Coast Tavern followed by drinks at True North. Talk about a high cal two days!  My waist thanks god that these weekends only happen once in a while!

Flatbread with roasted peppers, shitake mushrooms, garlic confit, goat cheese and arugula sprinkled with sea salt + a Widmer Hef!

This was really delicious, I took about a 1/3 home as a midnight snack.

It’s back to normal healthy/ paleo-ish eating this week so far.  What’s on your menu this week??


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