FITness Still Matters

13 Aug

HI FIT Bitches!  I know I’ve been gone for days and days but I have an explanantion, I swear! Ok so here’s the short version… First of all- I moved out of my apartment in Ocean Beach.  My dreamy beach oasis is but a distant memeory and I’m really really sad. I had a pschitzophrenic neighbor who thought my roomate and I were stalking him and he eventually tried to break into our apartment with a huge butcher knife.  Sadly it wasn’t a safe place for us to stay any more  and we moved out that same month.   At the same time, I’ve been job searching like crazy and landed a sweet new gig that I start next week.  I gave my two weeks to my current job and couldn’t be more excited  to have a fresh start.  As far as my FITness goes, I’m working out really steadily and pushing myself quite hard while at the gym.  I’m at a steady weight and am still hoping to lose about 7 lbs more. 


I’ll be back to my regular posts as I get setteled into my new routine, living situtaion and job. 

While I’ve been gone from the blog world, I’ve been hanging with friends, my birthday passed, I went shopping, I’ve been eating amazing summer food and of course hittin’ the gym.  Here are just a few photos to get you caught up on what been going on in my super busy but still very FIT focused world!

I bought these oh so tacky yet oh so amazing leapord print heels.  Clearance. $8. Glory.

I had the best dinner I’ve had in months @ Rok n’ Fish in Laguna Beach with my parents.

That’s some oak grilled halibut and spicy mac n’ cheese.

We ended my bday dinner with the best dessert aound, gelato. 

I had nutella  and pistachio flavor!

My parents pretty much got me a whole new wardrobe as a my bday present.

I went on a much needed and MUCH appreciated shopping spree with my mom.

I actually have cute clothes that fit now and it feels amazing.

I’ve been weight lifting like crazy, still working on trying to get a bigger booty.

Thankfully all my hott friedns like to work out too! Gossip+ cardio = extreme mood enhancer.

I’ve gotten really into Chia seeds and top everything I can with them!


And finally, this picture is just for laughs.  Take note FIT dudes.  This is so true.



Happy Monday everyone!  Here’s to new beginings!


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