1 Year, 20 Pounds To Go

6 Jun

I’ve been gone for 10 months. I’m back now and really excited . I could take some time to explain where I’ve been in great detail, instead I’ll just explain a few highlights and say that I’m very happy to be here again! I’m not sure for how long…but I’m excited to start sharing my journey again and have all you readers keep my ass accountable.

If you used to be a reader, you know my story. I lost 80 pounds last year and documented the entire process on this blog. I stopped blogging in August 2012 when I had to suddenly move, got a new job and then fell back in love with my ex boyfriend. Well my ‘ex’ is now my fiancé and we live together in the North Park area of San Diego. Since you last heard from me…. I must admit I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’d like to call it happy weight. It’s true I’m exceptionally, insanely happy and I’ve spent many more nights with dining with friends or my ‘fiancé’ and a glass of wine than at the gym. But I’m not sad about it- I just know it has to stop there. It’s time to get back on the FIT wagon.

I’m getting married in 324 days. I want to lose 20-25 pounds by then. No, scratch that… I want to lose 15 pounds in two months then 5-10 more before my wedding. This is going to be a tough challenge, but a fun one. Besides my health and improved energy, I have the ultimate motivation to get skinny- looking my best when I marry my best friend in 10 months. There will be lots of fun events that ill need to look FIT for throughout this process, and I can’t wait! I hope you check in with me every few days and see how I’m doing- you guys keep me on my toes!imageimage


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